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5 Super Easy Ways to Help You Remember To Floss…For Good

Get your floss on, and ace your next dental check up and cleaning. We’ll ignore the fabulous health your mouth will be in5 Super Easy Ways To Help You Remember To Floss...For Good as a minor consequence.

The only thing is, you have to remember to do it.

Every night.

So, just (well, sort of) like Mrs Jones….Let’s get it on.

Here are 5 super easy (and FREE!) ways to help you remember to floss:

1. Floss before you brush

You know you have to brush before you sleep at night, so making flossing a habit before you brush is the easiest, simplest way to guarantee that it will happen. Plus, flossing beforehand removes plaque and food debris so flouride from your toothpaste can get in between your teeth more effectively.

2. Go post-al

If you’re a visual learner, this will work for you. Stick a post-it note on your bathroom mirror. Preferably right in your face, so to speak. Kinda hard to ignore neon green paper telling you to FLOSS (in caps, for a stronger effect). “Or else”, if you have a flair for the dramatic.

3. Go smart

If you are one of the 3.5 people who doesn’t own a smart phone, skip this one. Open up your calendar app and set a reminder alert (with sound) so it beeps, barks or yodles at the time you usually get ready for bed. Brrriiinggg! Floss.

4. Reward yourself

Nothing like a little incentive to ensure that the job gets done. We do it with kids, so why not grown ups? Pick an enticing reward for, say 30 straight days of flossing. Come the last day, treat yourself to a reward of your choice and partake of the joy well-earned.

5. Do as I say AND as I do

Parents. Time to walk the talk and floss the…um…floss. Kids need to floss. You need to floss. Why not make it a double date? Setting a good example while taking great care of your gums and teeth…well you’re just setting the stage for a lifetime of good oral care. Also works with your significant other, and pet, if they’re willing.

Give one, or all, a sincere try. You’ll surprise yourself at how easy it is to be a flossing pro and will shout these tips from the roof tops (I may be exaggerating slightly).

Did I miss any? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve that helped you remember to floss?

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When It Comes To Your Teeth . . . WTF?

When was the last time you took a shower?

Today? Or maybe yesterday?

Did you make sure you  . . . um . . . visited all your body parts, or did you skip a few? Maybe you thought, eh, I don’t need to wash my feet or under my arms today. Perhaps next week.

Most likely, you didn’t. Why would anyone? There’s nothing like feeling clean from head to toe.

Yet most people do skip getting totally clean when it comes to their mouth.

So I have to ask.


Where’s The Floss?

Millions of bacteria live in our mouth, and the whole purpose of keeping it clean is to keep their numbers low. Brushing alone gets rid of only 2/3 of the bacteria, leaving the other 1/3 to grow and prosper at your expense.

So why give a floss?

Well, for starters, bacteria begin to collect and form plaque, the white film that coats your teeth and can be (mostly) removed by brushing. Without flossing, plaque continues to hang out in nooks and crannies your toothbrush can’t reach. These bacteria then release compounds that cause bad breath, as well as acid that starts to feast on your tooth enamel, making it more prone to cavities.

Eventually, plaque hardens to form tartar. Now, neither brushing nor flossing can be fully effective. Tartar or ‘calculus’ (no, not the math) needs the fine tools and skills utilized by your dentist or hygienist to be removed completely.

Let’s say you decide there’s no flossin’ way and skip that too.

Now tartar gets serious. The bacteria release toxins that first irritate the gums causing gingivitis and over time lead to periodontal disease, which affects not only the gums but also the bone that keeps your teeth in place. Once this bone starts to shrink away, it can’t grow back, and then the teeth get loose and fall out-cavity or not.

So you see, there is a method to the madness.

Adding flossing to your daily routine (once a day is plenty) will not only keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh, it’ll keep you miles away from periodontal disease. And the hillbilly look.

To repeat my question: W.T.F.?

You may now answer: I’m a flossing genius.

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If you’d like to know about finer flossing, or how to keep your teeth in your head for the long haul, call or email us!

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Dentally

To say pregnancy is a time of change is an understatement.

While the imminent pitter patter of little feet brings sheer joy, the passing weeks and a growing belly make it almost impossible for the mama-to-be to ignore her own health. Why am I throwing up AGAIN? Where is the nearest restroom? And my personal favorite….I thought the second trimester was supposed to be better; why did they LIE?

Between the baby shower and the nursery, it’s easy to leave your oral care on the way side. I mean, how can you even think about going to the dentist when you just discovered that your mother-in-law is planning to stay with you for a month after the arrival of her first granddaughter?

Take a deep breath, ladies! While I may not have all the answers (especially about your mom-in-law), I can tell you why keeping up with your dental check-ups is a must:

Hormones are a-changing!

While the hormone tsunami is necessary for the baby’s development, it can increase your risk of gum disease (“pregnancy gingivitis”) and in turn affect your baby’s health. Pregnancy is no excuse to skip your dental cleaning and check up; in fact, it is recommended.

Morning sickness, anyone?

You may have had the (ahem) pleasure of bouts of vomiting during the first twelve weeks (or 30, like me). If this keeps you from brushing, let us know. You may find that switching toothpaste or brushing later in the day helps, as does rinsing with water or mouthwash after the “exodus”.

Keep those cavities in check

While elective procedures are better left for later, a check up can reveal any issues before they get too hot to handle. Ideal treatment time is the second trimester. What you DON’T want to do is ignore a small cavity early on and it turn into a dental emergency.

Let’s hear it ONE more time

Last, but not least, your dental visit can shine up those pearly whites, keep that plaque under control, and encourage you to keep up with your home care. As additional ammo, we can also provide a high fluoride toothpaste to combat the potentially higher cavity risk. This is particularly useful if you have a weekly rendezvous with your friends Ben & Jerry.

Now that you have the highlights, feel free to call us at (214) 522-3110 if you have more questions. Or ask us in the comments below. Happy mothering 🙂



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