Getting married?

If you are a current patient of record, stop by a few days before and get a complimentary tooth polish! It’ll give you just one more reason to have a dazzling smile on your big day!

Like us on Facebook

Why? Only if you like free stuff. Our Facebook-only contests are way fun, and we LOVE to give away cool stuff to our winners. You “Like” us and we return the favor.

Plus, you’ll be the first to get updates, pics on our festivities (yes, we like to have fun) and links to posts from this awesome blog! Join in and share your thoughts by clicking here.

Freshen up your gear

Do you wear retainers, a night guard, or a snore guard? Bring any appliance with you at your appointment and we’ll clean and freshen it up for you in our ultrasonic cleaner, even if we didn’t make it.

And ladies, it works on your beautiful diamond rings too…hand them to us and we’ll put the sparkle back!

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