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How To Be Happy By Saying N(2)O

If I could offer you a martini at your next dental visit, I would.   

Unfortunately, being a licensed professional, I have to abide by these pesky things called ‘laws’, so I can’t.

But I can offer you the next best thing.

Laughing gas. Happy gas. Conscious Inhalation Sedation.

Or more commonly known as Nitrous Oxide.

No, I’m not getting all Fast and Furious on you and taking this stuff from my hot rod’s NOS rockets. I’m not Vin Diesel. I have way more hair.

I’m talking about the N to the 2 to the O, the colorless, odorless gas you breathe in and out to kick your dental anxiety to the curb while we do the work. The nitrous gas is mixed in with oxygen (kinda important), and delivered via hoses to a nose piece that you keep on start to finish.

When turned on (the gas, not you), within 5-8 minutes it induces a feeling of euphoria; some describe it like a light buzz from that first drink. You may feel a tingling or light-headed sensation, or maybe like you’re floating. Some get the giggles; hence the name “happy gas”.

Don’t worry; we’ll laugh with you, not at you (or so we say). Just don’t break into song along with our music system. You’ll regret it later.

We carefully monitor the amount of gas administered, so you stay the right amount of happy. Some folks don’t even need a local anesthetic because the gas is a strong enough analgesic. In essence, you are fully alert and conscious, but just don’t care that much.

And because the gas enters and leaves your lungs as you breathe, it is very safe to use; there is no hangover (always a plus) and you don’t need a designated driver to take you home. In fact, it is so safe that it can be used on children.

Now, like every party, the happy gas party has its party poopers. A small percentage of people just can’t get the same relaxing effect, and instead feel nauseous and icky, or if they’re chronic mouth breathers or have emphysema.

Sorry folks, if that’s you, I’m taking you off the RSVP list permanently. You’ll just have to get comfy without the gas; but that’s okay, I’ll still get you in (I know the owner).

If you’ve never tried it before, what are you waiting for? We keep the cost affordable so you can be comfortable and not dread your visits. In fact, some of our patients use it every single time, even for their routine teeth cleanings.

So next time you’re in, ask us about the nitrous gas, and get your happy on.

If you just can’t wait, call us at (214) 522-3110 or ask in the comments.



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