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Warning! This Post Is Green!

Growing up, I used to love Sesame Street.

I still remember Kermit the Frog saying, “It’s not easy being green.”

But while being green may not be easy, going green doesn’t have to be hard.

So the next time you do yoga (to feel in sync with your spirit) while sitting in the dark (to conserve energy), here are some points to ponder:

1. Ditch the bottled water

Fluoride is in, folks! And those plastic bottles of water don’t have any. So get yourself a reusable bottle (and they make ’em so pretty these days), fill it with tap or filtered water.  Save the planet, your moolah and your teeth in one fell swoop.

2. I need that toothbrush, STAT.

Your old toothbrush can do a lot of things before it hits the landfill. Use it to clean your costume jewelry, your faucets, stains, your appliances, in between your tiles . . . even your cheese grater.

 3. You want me floss what??

While the best place for floss is in between your teeth (no, NOT the bathroom drawer), you can go into MacGyver mode and get creative. Floss can be used to hang frames, secure climbing plants, replace your fishing line if cut and it makes a great makeshift clothesline.

This is, by no means, the end to a long list of a little something we can ALL do to be a little kinder to Mother Earth.

Earth Day is April 22nd-let’s all put a drop in and make an ocean for a better planet, and we don’t have to move mountains to do it.

Thoughts? Want to add to the list? Share in the comments!     (214) 522-3110


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