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Snoring: Is There A Nap For That?

After my son started sleeping through the night at 4 or 5 months, I was ready to welcome a full night’s rest like a long lost friend. Loud Megaphone

So imagine my surprise (ahem, thinly disguised rage), that yet another barrier resurrected itself between me and my precious sleep: my husband’s loud-as-can-be snoring.

Oh no no no NO.

An infant in need, yes. But the full-grown father of my children keeping me up for no reason?

Not on MY watch.

After a few nights of good, uninterrupted sleep (with hubby in the guest room), it hit me.

Hey! I can fix this! I’m a dentist. I do this for my patients, so why not my own husband?

I presented the idea to him, and explained he would need to wear a snore guard from now on. This would curb his snoring, and his stay in the guest room.

But why am I snoring? he asked. I thought only older people, like my parents, did that. Or those who are overweight.

Yes, and no, I replied. Actually people of all ages (and sizes) can snore.  Even my 3 yr old princess can belt out some honkers when she has a cold.

But yes, being overweight, male and increasing age do increase your likelihood, and more commonly lead to chronic snorers, meaning they do it all the time. Others are occasional snorers, often snoring when they’re in super deep (exhausted) sleep, after consuming alcohol or when nasally congested (like a cold or sinus infection).

He was initially resistant, but my evil eye soon put an end to that. To soften the blow, I did add that less snoring would allow him to sleep better too.

And if it doesn’t work? he asked.

Yes, there’s a chance it may not. In that case, he’d need a check up with an ENT doc to check for issues like a deviated septum or nasal polyps. (If he was a chronic snorer, he would also have to be checked for sleep apnea, a much more serious condition.)

The bottom line was we both needed rest. A constant lack of (good) sleep, no matter what the reason, has many negative effects–including lack of concentration and increased risk of high blood pressure, weight gain and depression.

Soon after, a snore guard was made. My husband also got back into his exercise routine, and got better (not “I have children” exhausted) sleep. As for me, my no-sleep related rage has long since subsided.

Which is great, because we both need our energy to exercise…..patience with our kids.

And none of that would’ve been possible if I’d let snoring continue to be a nuisance and feel exhausted day after day.

Don’t let snoring get in your way. Keep your risk low by maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits, and ask your dentist about a simple solution like a snore guard.

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Are You Over-Stressed From Over-Work?

Do you have stress in your life?

The last thing you want after a stressful day is a hectic night (no, not that).

But that’s exactly what millions end up doing; they follow a hard-working day by a hard-working night; by clenching or grinding their teeth all night and waking up with a sore jaw, or even pain.

Restful? I think not.

Not only can that be uncomfortable, but long-term clenching on grinding (“bruxism”) can wear your teeth down as steadily as Tiger Woods’ reputation. This makes them more susceptible to chipping and breaking. Plus, shorter teeth can make you look older prematurely. Who wants that?

Contrary to popular perception, just because your significant other doesn’t hear you grind your teeth doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The most common trigger? Stress. Surprise, surprise.

While most of us may go through sporadic spurts shorter than a Hollywood marriage, many suffer from chronic jaw pain or migraines as a long-term consequence of these habits. And this constant pressure can traumatize your teeth, often leading to chronic sensitivity or root canals.

But not everyone is aware if they are even doing this. So how do you find out?

There is a list of things we discuss with you at your check up appointment if we suspect or see any signs of excessive wear. Or if your teeth are breaking faster than Anthony Weiner can send a text.

If you are diagnosed with clenching/grinding your teeth, a night guard is the simplest, most non-invasive and cost-effective solution. Worn primarily at night, a good one covers your teeth and provides enough support to absorb the pounding pressure. While the drug store kind can serve you for a short time, a custom guard made by your dentist is the way to go for long-term use or if you are a heavy bruxer/clencher.

Need some real life examples? Here is our patient, Darlene, who (in less than 3 minutes) can tell you how much a night guard helped her:


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How To Be Happy By Saying N(2)O

If I could offer you a martini at your next dental visit, I would.   

Unfortunately, being a licensed professional, I have to abide by these pesky things called ‘laws’, so I can’t.

But I can offer you the next best thing.

Laughing gas. Happy gas. Conscious Inhalation Sedation.

Or more commonly known as Nitrous Oxide.

No, I’m not getting all Fast and Furious on you and taking this stuff from my hot rod’s NOS rockets. I’m not Vin Diesel. I have way more hair.

I’m talking about the N to the 2 to the O, the colorless, odorless gas you breathe in and out to kick your dental anxiety to the curb while we do the work. The nitrous gas is mixed in with oxygen (kinda important), and delivered via hoses to a nose piece that you keep on start to finish.

When turned on (the gas, not you), within 5-8 minutes it induces a feeling of euphoria; some describe it like a light buzz from that first drink. You may feel a tingling or light-headed sensation, or maybe like you’re floating. Some get the giggles; hence the name “happy gas”.

Don’t worry; we’ll laugh with you, not at you (or so we say). Just don’t break into song along with our music system. You’ll regret it later.

We carefully monitor the amount of gas administered, so you stay the right amount of happy. Some folks don’t even need a local anesthetic because the gas is a strong enough analgesic. In essence, you are fully alert and conscious, but just don’t care that much.

And because the gas enters and leaves your lungs as you breathe, it is very safe to use; there is no hangover (always a plus) and you don’t need a designated driver to take you home. In fact, it is so safe that it can be used on children.

Now, like every party, the happy gas party has its party poopers. A small percentage of people just can’t get the same relaxing effect, and instead feel nauseous and icky, or if they’re chronic mouth breathers or have emphysema.

Sorry folks, if that’s you, I’m taking you off the RSVP list permanently. You’ll just have to get comfy without the gas; but that’s okay, I’ll still get you in (I know the owner).

If you’ve never tried it before, what are you waiting for? We keep the cost affordable so you can be comfortable and not dread your visits. In fact, some of our patients use it every single time, even for their routine teeth cleanings.

So next time you’re in, ask us about the nitrous gas, and get your happy on.

If you just can’t wait, call us at (214) 522-3110 or ask in the comments.



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Warning! This Post Is Green!

Growing up, I used to love Sesame Street.

I still remember Kermit the Frog saying, “It’s not easy being green.”

But while being green may not be easy, going green doesn’t have to be hard.

So the next time you do yoga (to feel in sync with your spirit) while sitting in the dark (to conserve energy), here are some points to ponder:

1. Ditch the bottled water

Fluoride is in, folks! And those plastic bottles of water don’t have any. So get yourself a reusable bottle (and they make ’em so pretty these days), fill it with tap or filtered water.  Save the planet, your moolah and your teeth in one fell swoop.

2. I need that toothbrush, STAT.

Your old toothbrush can do a lot of things before it hits the landfill. Use it to clean your costume jewelry, your faucets, stains, your appliances, in between your tiles . . . even your cheese grater.

 3. You want me floss what??

While the best place for floss is in between your teeth (no, NOT the bathroom drawer), you can go into MacGyver mode and get creative. Floss can be used to hang frames, secure climbing plants, replace your fishing line if cut and it makes a great makeshift clothesline.

This is, by no means, the end to a long list of a little something we can ALL do to be a little kinder to Mother Earth.

Earth Day is April 22nd-let’s all put a drop in and make an ocean for a better planet, and we don’t have to move mountains to do it.

Thoughts? Want to add to the list? Share in the comments!     (214) 522-3110


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