How To Use Your Head To Manage Headaches

Whether a migraine or the garden-variety kind, a headache can put quite a damper on your day.

Reaching for a pain killer in this situation may be well justified, but what about the next time?

Here is an increasingly novel (yet contrary to our main stream thinking) idea: how about tackling the problem at the source and reducing or eliminating it versus treating it afterwords?

Our country’s increasing drug dependence is convenient, but taking a “big picture” preventive approach to health usually leads to more effective, long-term results which cost less than a long list of medications.

Here are some ways to manage your headache by focusing on preventing the next attack:

1. Get plenty of sleep

Constant lack of sleep is going to catch up with you and lower not only your productivity, but also your peace of mind and frequency of headaches. This is simple to fix by changing up your daily routine to allow enough sleep at night.

Conditions such as insomnia and sleep apnea increase your headache risk as well, and may require a chat with your doctor.

2. Food triggers

Certain foods like chocolate, cheese and peanut butter can trigger migraines. Another trigger is hunger, as is not drinking enough water.

Know what your food triggers are and avoid them. Also, be sure to carry snacks with you so hunger doesn’t set one off, and drink plenty of water on a daily basis. Moderate amounts of caffeine can often help ease headaches after onset.

3. Quit/curb smoking

Smoking, or inhaling second-hand smoke, can trigger headaches. Yet another reason to add to the list to quit/curb smoking, or avoid areas of second-hand smoke.

4. Slim down

Need another reason to lose those extra pounds? Studies suggest links between obesity and more frequent and severe headaches. Time to get your work-out on.

5. Teeth clenching/grinding

Taking your stress out on your teeth? Teeth clenching and/or grinding put your facial muscles to hard work and can trigger headaches or even migraines.

A night guard provided by your dentist is a simple and conservative solution.

6. Relax

Know anyone without stress? I sure don’t. But letting it get out of control has many negative effects on your body, and headaches is just one of them.

Making time for rest and relaxation using techniques including yoga, meditation and deep breathing can ease an aching head and prevent future onsets.

Most of these don’t require anything more than an open mind and small (at least to start) modifications to your current lifestyle. But as in most cases, small changes can add up to huge rewards over time.

Next time you’re tempted to down a whole bottle of pills to ease your headache….please don’t! Use that moment to fuel your resolve to make some simple changes to reduce more headaches in the future.

Are you ready to try preventing future headaches?

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3 responses to “How To Use Your Head To Manage Headaches

  1. I also find it interesting that a lot more deaths are caused by NSAIDs per year than people realize. I don’t know the numbers, but it’s surprising.

    • Didn’t know the numbers were high for NSAID related deaths; they are the go-to choice for so many ailments. Maybe its time to seriously consider more holistic or alternative therapies.

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