How To Seal The Deal And Save Money

There are some things people just should not do.

                  Talk with their mouth full.

                  Send the wrong text to the wrong person. Oops.

                  Wear skinny jeans, three sizes too small. Really?

And my personal favorite,

                  Pick their nose. In public.

On the other hand, there’s something pretty high up on my list of things they should do. And that’s getting sealants placed on their children’s permanent teeth.

I shouldn’t, but since we’re here anyway . . . .

Sealants are protective coatings placed on freshly sprouted permanent molars as a preventive measure; they drastically reduce the chances of those teeth getting cavities.

While they’re not a free pass to skimp on brushing, flossing, consuming sugary food in moderation or a dose of fluoride, they can get your children’s second (and last) set of teeth off to the races.

Molars typically come in around ages 6 and 12. Why molars? Because they have the most nooks and crannies where bacteria can gather and party harder than a Vegas nightclub. So those are the ones we pick to seal.

And here are 6 good reasons why:                                                    

1. Protect teeth and prevent decay

 And yes moms, they’re tooth colored and BPA-free.

2. Quick and easy

 Usually take less than 20 minutes.

3. No needles!

Ain’t that a treat at the dentist’s! Sealants are only placed on healthy teeth, so no anesthetic or drilling required.

4. Save money

The cost of sealants is a fraction of fillings or other restorations. Get those healthy teeth sealed early, and your child has the best chance of keeping those teeth decay-free.

5. Last long-term

Sealants adhere to teeth simply by getting into their crevices before bacteria do, and are not permanent. They can also come loose while eating certain (crunchy) foods.

That being said, they can last anywhere from 6 months to, more commonly, several years. Most dentists will replace them at no charge if unsuccessful within 6 months or a year.

6. Easy intro to dental visits

If sealants is the first “major” dental visit your child has had, they’re going to breeze through it.

In turn, this establishes a healthy comfort level at a young age should they encounter dental issues down the road. Trust me, that is no small accomplishment.

It’s pretty much a win-win on many levels. Unlike calling someone “swagdaddy”. Yeah, I don’t know either.

We’ll let you know at your child’s check up when their permanent teeth are ready to be sealed. And when they’re in for their visit, we’ll walk them through each step, make it easy and even fun.

Plus, they all know about the goodies in the Treasure Chest after they’re done, as they should.

What they shouldn’t do, is quote The Jersey Shore. That’s just an awful situation.

Questions? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments!     (214) 522-3110

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