Are You Over-Stressed From Over-Work?

Do you have stress in your life?

The last thing you want after a stressful day is a hectic night (no, not that).

But that’s exactly what millions end up doing; they follow a hard-working day by a hard-working night; by clenching or grinding their teeth all night and waking up with a sore jaw, or even pain.

Restful? I think not.

Not only can that be uncomfortable, but long-term clenching on grinding (“bruxism”) can wear your teeth down as steadily as Tiger Woods’ reputation. This makes them more susceptible to chipping and breaking. Plus, shorter teeth can make you look older prematurely. Who wants that?

Contrary to popular perception, just because your significant other doesn’t hear you grind your teeth doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The most common trigger? Stress. Surprise, surprise.

While most of us may go through sporadic spurts shorter than a Hollywood marriage, many suffer from chronic jaw pain or migraines as a long-term consequence of these habits. And this constant pressure can traumatize your teeth, often leading to chronic sensitivity or root canals.

But not everyone is aware if they are even doing this. So how do you find out?

There is a list of things we discuss with you at your check up appointment if we suspect or see any signs of excessive wear. Or if your teeth are breaking faster than Anthony Weiner can send a text.

If you are diagnosed with clenching/grinding your teeth, a night guard is the simplest, most non-invasive and cost-effective solution. Worn primarily at night, a good one covers your teeth and provides enough support to absorb the pounding pressure. While the drug store kind can serve you for a short time, a custom guard made by your dentist is the way to go for long-term use or if you are a heavy bruxer/clencher.

Need some real life examples? Here is our patient, Darlene, who (in less than 3 minutes) can tell you how much a night guard helped her:


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