5 Years, And Counting-Let’s Celebrate!

As June 1, 2011 rolls around,

I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary at my practice. To mark this occasion, I thought of having a HUGE celebration, with invites to all my patients and their families, live music, balloons, and even a champagne toast.

Then I remembered that I’m a dentist, and no one would want to come.

Sob. Sniffle. Whimper.

Just kidding.

This may not mean much if you joined our ‘family’ recently, but for all you old timers, you’ve been around long enough to see me take the practice over from Dr Myers/Dr Knight.

For the record, I appreciate y’all not kicking me out just yet like you did the other guys. Personally, I think it’s because I’m better looking, and since no one has contradicted that, I’m going to go with it.

The older I get, it seems the days turn into weeks and weeks into years a little faster. I blame mostly my children for that.

But I did want to take a moment and reflect on these past few years that have been so very significant to me.

There have been ups and downs for sure,

and lots of lessons learned. Taking care of patients, leading a team and managing a business have kept my plate kinda full. The biggest challenge, really, has been building an all star team, and working together as parts of a whole. It took me a while, but I know you’ll concur that my ladies are PRETTY awesome people and GREAT at what they do. I wouldn’t get very far without them walking beside me.

And I cannot even begin

to express my gratitude to all you wonderful people who I’ve gotten to know past teeth and gums. I still remember all the baby presents I received when I was pregnant, boxes of cookies and cupcakes for making that great smile a reality, or the numerous (hand written!) thank you notes for seeing folks on an emergency basis. I’m impressed daily how so many of you ask about my children even though you see me only twice a year. The baby pictures. The Christmas cards. The list is long.

The icing on the cake? The hugs I get after someone has turned a corner-when they no longer fear coming to the dentist, no matter what happened in their past.

What I do is hardly popular or glamorous, but when I have such amazing people who make me feel needed, five years is just a start.

Here’s to many, many more.

Thank you.

Ritu Rao

PS: As a special thank you for this milestone, we are offering our Take Home Whitening system for $50 (regular price $351) till June 15th! So call us at (214) 522-3110 and reserve your appointment to take advantage of this great offer!


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