The Multi Million Dollar Guide to Get Rid of Dental Fear

Have you heard of a ‘little’ known phenomenon called Harry Potter?

It is, of course, a classic tale of good versus evil, but with a flair that won the hearts of millions around the globe.

Harry’s journey is inspirational; a young boy who starts off quite unsure of himself, and despite numerous challenges and obstacles, eventually conquers his greatest fear and defeats his nemesis, You-Know-Who.

Although not always quite as dramatic, sources of real life fear are, well . . . real. To each and every one of us. While we conquer some and barely manage others (show me a snake and I may WILL run), we all have them.

Which brings me to . . .

Dental Fear.

You are not alone.

You would be in a minority if you didn’t have, at least at some point, some trepidation over the prospect of an upcoming dental appointment, be it a routine cleaning or that as-bad-as-a-dementor’s-kiss root canal.

Oh my.

But not everyone is aware that a lot has changed since their childhood years. While we are often encouraged to face our fears, it doesn’t hurt to have help.  Dental treatments are a lot quicker and much more comfortable. Gone are the days of  ‘just hold on and suck it up’. We offer:



Aromatherapy scents

iPods/Ear plugs

Better, faster anesthetics

Nitrous gas

Anti-anxiety (sedative) pill (by prescription)

And best of all

Caring professionals that care about YOUR comfort.

You relax. We do the work.

No magic wand required.

Thoughts? Send those to us either via owl post ;), or call us at (214) 522-3110, or share in the comments below.



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