5 Things You Can Do On Your Smart Phone

At your next dental visit:

1. Show us your pics!

Share the latest pics of your kids/pets/significant other/awesome vacation. Ours is a  family practice, and like family, we LOVE to know what’s up with you.

2. Put it on vibrate and out of your pocket

While getting your teeth cleaned, you don’t need any distractions. Enjoy being horizontal in a comfy chair in the middle of a work day, while someone else does the work for a change. Without interruptions. And when you’re done . . .

3. Share a cool app

Do you have a new game you are addicted to? Last I heard, “Angry Birds” was all the rage, but you might be more hip to the new stuff.

4. Pop open your calender

They’re called smart phones for a reason…so let them do the work! When the hygienist sets your next cleaning appointment, enter it in. If you’re really Type A, set up an reminder alert for the week before and beat us to the punch.

5. “Like” us on Facebook

Yes, cuz we’re cool like that! Search “Rao Dentistry” and become a fan. Why? Because we include dental tips, free giveaways, humor, free stuff via contests, educational links, and did we mention FREE stuff?

Do you have any ideas to add? Share in the comments!

Questions? Call us at (214) 522-3110 and let us help!




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3 responses to “5 Things You Can Do On Your Smart Phone

  1. Congrats on this post Ritu! I liked it so much I had to forward it to a dentist friend. You really put some thought into this.

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