(Original Post Date: October 27, 2010)

On October 16th, our team, along with many others, participated in the SMILE Walk and Run 5K, which helped raise money to provide dental care for those in need. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect, but we all had a wonderful time and got some great exercise too!!

Here are some photos from the event:

Pre-run/walk huddle

Diana, Melody, Cole (Mel’s grandson), Jackie, Ann (Jackie’s daughter), Michell and my dog Stoli.

Check out Cole’s cool t-shirt!!

Dental Dude!

We had to take a picture of the Tooth Fairy:

Tooth Fairy

My daughter Alora checking out the slide:


And here we are after the race … we all made it!

Race end

Although the kids were tired, all the fun was worth it! Some of us walked and some of us ran the race. In fact, it was my first ever race to run and I’m glad I was able to do it! The SMILE Walk was able to raise $32,000 and will be put to wonderful use helping many adults and children get much needed dental care. We are so glad we were a part of this!

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