Love and Logic in Children’s Dentistry

What’s the best way to get children feeling comfortable for a dental visit? To make if FUN, of course!

The key to getting children set on the right path to great oral health is to start EARLY! Like any other activity, the more enjoyable it is, chances are children will look forward to it and be more engaged (the same goes for adults too!). While adults do take the majority stake, let it be known that our “little” patients have a very special place in our practice and our hearts 🙂

We encourage parents to bring their little ones for a “Happy Visit”–a first visit during which all they do is get comfortable and enjoy rides in the chair, play with Mr Thirsty, or try on gloves for size! We progress to a cleaning and check up step by step, so as to avoid them getting overwhelmed. We have a pint sized corner table as well, where siblings can sit and color or read.

Last, but most importantly, what is a good dental check-up without a reward? There are stickers, character toothbrushes, and the big one–the TOY CHEST–filled with goodies galore! Each child is welcome to take a present home, something they never seem to need reminding of on later visits . . .

It is recommended that you bring in your child soon after the first tooth erupts, and we are happy to share some common do’s and don’ts to keep those baby teeth healthy, and the same when comes time for the adult teeth.

While we offer many dental services for children-cleanings, check-ups, sealants, x-rays, fluoride, fillings, extractions-we only do what each child is comfortable with at the time of their visit.

We understand that each child is an individual, and if needed, we are happy to enlist the services of a pediatric dentist or an orthodontist from our referral network. Our priority is the comfort and care of your child, and that never changes.

Have more questions? Call us at (214) 522-3110 and let us help!



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9 responses to “Love and Logic in Children’s Dentistry

  1. Awesome, I came at this site through a google search and this article is exactly what i was searching for. Once i find time i’ll definitely check some more updates on this site. Do you have an RSS feed by the way? I like to add sites worth reading to my feed reader, this way i don’t miss a single update… I searched for a feed icon but cannot find it…

  2. Thank you for your feedback. An RSS feed has been added, so feel free to add this site and get updates!

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